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Saint-Luc — Identity contest (winner)

[commission - 2007]

[booklet - letterhead - business card - etc.]


We won the identity contest for the Art school Saint-Luc Liège.


We decided to represent each section by a pattern. All these practices are anchored in the matter and a pattern seemed to us completely suitable to represent each 11 section. The variations are in black and white. The patterns are considered as colors.

- Saint-Luc : basic grid, frame in which the sections fit, frame of the school.
- Comic strip : speech balloon
- Illustration : irregular traces, pencil's draughts
- Graphic Design : offset pattern, printing techniques
- Publicity : plus, value added to a product
- Photography : photography grain
- Painting : traces of the brush, movement of the arm
- Sculpture : dug furrows
- Interior Architecture : cells, division of space, shelter, home
- Design : 3D and perspective
- Conservation of works of art : fabric of the matter
- Aggregation : lines of writing paper

simplest and most timeless as possible : Helvetica

The visual identity principle is to combine for each section the typoography and its pattern.
- typography + pattern
The pattern goes with the typography while being used either to the back of a document (heading, compliment...) or by pattern's strips (booklet).
- logo
When the visual identity is out of the graphic variation, as sponsors on a poster for example or at the side of other logos.

For the future …
The graphic variations are made in-house by the team of the school.
An Internet website is now being build.

- Download our presentation
- Download our user guide

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Designed for : Saint-Luc Liège


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