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[show - 2013]

[glass marbles – laser cutted & engraved wood]


3-dimensional fine glass jewellery, 2-dimensional graphicdesign, 1 project; hard to decide which path to follow and how to solve this dilemma. Finding creative restraints helps to say Yes or No. Perhaps simple materials enable complex expression, calligraphic typography to engrave wood plates & glass marbles to hold a universe of sparkles. Following down a swirling groove, letting fate rule the world. Is it only pataphysics or just the way you're holding 'The Choice Maker'.

This atypical self-produced project started with an invitation from the Design Center De Winkelhaak in Antwerp. An exhibition projects, Embrasse-Ambras was put up to convene designers from both linguistic part of Belgium to work as a couple and produce an object for this show. They chose for us Elisa Lee, a very friendly jewl maker from Ronse. Elisabeth and her team specially produce glass jewls. In this town there happen to be a brand new tech center call TIO3 that could host our trails.

With so many possibilities that offered the different machines the dilemma was to choose which idea we should go for… We then ended up producing a limited series of "The Choice Maker".


Beware of strangers

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