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Echoes of the world

[commission - 2009]

[1000 copies - double digisleeve - matte lamination - prestige edition release following year]


Echoes Of The World is a world music compilation of artists from Wallonia and Brussels.
The brief was to bring the listener somewhere else than the stereotypical visuals hooked to world music style.

We found quite amazing the extraordinary amount of instruments involved in each band, making them so particular. After sorting all these items in a growing spreadsheet, we classified them in different families such as strings, percussions or winds which all contain even more subdivisions. A symbol was then given to each kind of instrument, as well as colors for each families.

Every single band represented in the compilation elaborates an original bouquet of symbols composed with the instruments they are actually using. Separating the bands on the two discs gave naturally a different tone to each one of them.

The following year, a prestigious edition has been released according to the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Designed for : WBM


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