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Temporary Curiosity

[show - 2008]

[30 slices of polystyrene - a lot of patience]


We are fond of white on white.
We accomplished an installation in polystyrene for 1 night only !
The choice of polystryrene came up because of its relation to  temporary usage.

It was the presentation of Silent's first album (Five a.m.) which we designed already white on white.

Silent is a belgian band of rock metal. So we used clichés of metal music.
The words chosen refer to the world of metal but also to song titles of the band.
Title like " Temporary Curiosity " refers to the "Cabinet des Curiosités" because people were invited to turn around the installation, to peep inside the opened cubes.

This installation was shown in october 2008 at Silent's Release Party, Namur, Belgium.

Designed for : Silent


Kidnap My Card


Silent 5 a.m.


tags music installation typography black & white typeface art experimentation white on white

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