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Entre vues 2010 20th anniversary

[commission - 2010]

[4 different booklets on Munken Print - full quadri offset printing - 4000 copies - poster - website]


New identity for the 20th edition of this festival dedicated to professionals working in theatre/dance/music.

Entre Vues makes it possible for young companies to give a performance under optimal conditions in front of Belgian and foreign professionals at the Botanique [Brussels]. Building on the fragmented photo system which is the defining feature of this event identity, we've introduced circles like spotlights and coloured light beams linked to most of them.

The main booklet is animated by flickering colour beams pointing at the different parts of the photo. By flipping the catalogue pages, each show gets its own colour from the logotype's blue to its brown and through a bright yellow.

This year a little "who's who" gathers the main professionals around in the handy booklet, helping everybody to enlarge their contacts.


Designed for : Entre Vues
Web developer : Bien à vous


Entre Vues 2009

Singularité Décapant

Les Belges

Border Stage

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